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Isle Of New York. Everyone does!


Research and legwork are what make my tours so entertaining and satisfying. I walk my routes regularly to see what’s new, and what has disappeared. The results are worked into my next tour, to do the best I can for you, the customer.
“Listen to the customer, for he is always right.” – John Wanamaker

My background is in broadcast news,  and these history disciplines:


American Revolution

Black & Native American




and antique engineering.

I love showing examples of old technology on tours. Demonstrating progress and innovation are great ways to intrigue the mind. It makes the tour that much more fun!

 I do two different tours about the American Revolution. One down in the Financial District, the other way up in Fort Tryon Park, 12 miles away!

Movies and TV endlessly fascinate me. Not only do I mention film scene locations, I do tours about movies, TV and even comic books. (After all, most superheroes are New Yorkers.)
I’m from rural upstate New York. Moved down here after college, and found myself struck by all the buildings, infrastructure and history to be found here. My wife and I live in Inwood, the upper Manhattan district where very few tourists go. It’s so beautiful up here! Come see it with me.

Twitter: Tourguidestan

YouTube: Tourguidestan

Insta: Isleofnewyorktoursllc

Tours Offered & Destination Knowledge

Bus ToursCultural/Specialty ToursFood & Drink ToursGeneral Walking ToursLocal GuideMulti-Day Tour Director/LeaderPrivate ToursTour Business Owner/Operator


Standard 3-hour and 5-hour bus tours of Manhattan

Scavenger hunts by neighborhood

Student, senior, incentive walking or bus tours. Top question answerer wins a rock of sparkly Manhattan schist!


In the Financial District:

US, UK, Canada and Ireland

The British Tour

American Revolution

September 11 Heroes and Memorials

Statue of Liberty and Ellis island

Wall Street Black History Tour


Soho: 19th-century New York

Secrets of Chinatown

Secrets of Central Park


In Greenwich Village:

Greenwich Village History

Mrs Maisel's Marvelous Greenwich Village (all the Village filming locations!)


The Midtown Tour

Washington Heights


Fort Tryon Park


On Bridges:

George Washington Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge and Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Bridge and DUMBO

Brooklyn Bridge to Pizza

High Bridge

Inwood Hill Park & Henry Hudson Bridge

Bike tours for insured bike tour companies:

Bike Central Park

Hudson River Greenway 20k: From One End Of Manhattan to The Other



Fun Fact!
Communication is important. So I taught my dog and cat to sign. The dog's repertoire included "something in my left/right eye;" "Scratch my back;" "rub my left/right ear;" and a few more. The cat can sign 'food' and 'rub'.
Hobbies & Interests
I'm keenly interested in science and its history, world cultures, animals, languages. I read a lot. I rescued an abandoned pitbull, who became my best friend for twelve years. Every nice day during lockdown I go out either for a walk or a bike ride. I love exploring this gigantic city. I volunteer with GANYC on public relations and on sustainability in tourism. Among other things, we want to help pax explore the many areas of NYC that aren't crowded. I'm a graduate of the GANYC Certification program in which we learn techniques like large group Subway safety, storytelling, and creating a tour for a specific audience. My wife and I honeymooned in Japan. We've also been to Nuremburg and Paris together. I've been to Canada many, many times; and to Ireland and Italy. I took language lessons before Italy, Japan, Paris and Nuremberg. I don't speak any other language fluently but I understand a little Japanese, French and German. I'm one of the 20% of New Yorkers who know how to drive!

Virtual Tour Experience

I've done several for TourHQ In Central Park, Midtown and the financial district. I use a Samsung Galaxy S10 phone, and a gimbal, wired with interactive headphones.


I booked a tour with Stan O’Connor and could not have been more pleased. It was one of the best tours we have taken in any city we have traveled to throughout the U.S.A. Stan met us as we docked from the Ellis Island ferry. It was crowded and we quickly got confused as to where we were supposed to meet him. Stan to the rescue! He told us to stand still and he found us in a mass of people. Stan’s tour was amazing. We could clearly tell the difference between a professional at work and some guy just trying to make a buck on tourists. Stan was detailed, knowledgeable, articulate, courteous and professional. We saw and learned more in an afternoon with Stan than on all our trips to New York City. My husband and I highly recommend Stan O’Connor if you are interested in learning more about New York City. You won’t be disappointed.



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GANYC Certification

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