Courses, content and community for the experiences industry.

Campfire is a gathering place for tour operators, guides, marketers, and other professionals who work in the tours, attractions and experiences industry.

Who is Campfire for?

tour & activity operators

guides, docents, tour leaders

tourism professionals & companies

influencers, marketers and creators

What does Campfire offer?

Discussion Groups

Connect with colleagues in global and private forums discussing everything from business and responsibility, to guiding and marketing.

Online Courses

A community of course creators, all in one place, with specific training for the experiences industry.

Member-created Video & Article Library

Read and watch others’ insights into the industry. Get discovered by creating your own content that’s shared with everyone.

Small Group Cohort Learning

Workshops and masterclasses held in small groups, with practical outcomes.

Private Masterminds

Likeminded professionals gathered around a topic or specialty, learning and growing together, and holding each other accountable as you grow your businesses and careers.

Business Profiles

Share your company or association with the industry, and allow others to find and connect with you and your services.

Industry Events Calendar

Livestreamed events into the platform, plus a calendar of conferences and webinars happening in the industry.

Tour Guide Job Board & Directory

Operators, find the guides you need. Guides, find new work.

Find a Freelancer

Find skilled freelance professionals who know our industry.

Campfire for Teams

Host your company in a group, and power a community-based relationship, customized to your team’s needs.

How much does it cost?

Campfire is free. Some courses cost money, which goes to the creator. Some organizations also host members-only content on the platform.


We created Campfire because there is no central hub of quality courses and community for the tours & attractions industry.

There is so much good content out there, and knowledgeable individuals. Our model is the shopping mall: let everyone offer their knowledge and support in a central location, where people can browse and discover what’s right for them.

We chose the image of a campfire because it’s a warm, friendly, inviting place to gather and share. One of the aspects of our industry that’s incredible is everyone’s willingness to help each other in so many ways.

The project has been spearheaded by the team at TripSchool. However it’s meant to be a neutral platform where creators of courses, e-books, videos and other quality learning material can all share (and sell!) their goods to the industry, making everyone better.

So much learning and information online is geared towards the tourism & hospitality industry in general—hotels, airlines, etc.

Campfire is for those who work in experiences: tour operators, guides, attractions, and those that support them: DMOs, DMCs, marketers, OTAs, and more.