Chaos in the Capitol: A Brief History

The events of January 6, 2021 were not the first time our Capitol has seen invasion and violence.  Sitting atop a small hill, this living symbol of the first branch of our government is a natural target for those choosing destruction over discourse.  The following summarizes chaos wreaked on the Capitol since its opening in 1800. Destroy and Lay Waste The first attack, and by far the most destructive, on the Capitol is well known.  On August 14, 1814 British ground and naval forces invaded Maryland and marched to Washington.  The goal of the British was not to conquer the country and return the United States to its status as a colony.  Rather their orders were to “destroy and lay waste” to the city in retribution for the American attacks on Canada.  The attack was a complete rout of American forces.  British troops arrived at the Capitol in the evening....


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