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We’re Real san Francisco Tours (, offering daily tours of SF. We opened in SF in 2020, but we’ve been operating in LA (as The Real Los Angeles Tours) since 2013.

At the moment all of our experiences are walking and metro tours, but we’ll soon be unveiling food tours and we have nothing against using vans – it’s just that we’re never going to offer a “tour” that involves “on the left we have… On the right you can see…”. That’s not a true experience of a city, in our opinion.

We’re looking for several guides at the moment. Guides are contractors and there’s no set schedule, they can pick up tours according to their availability. There’s no script – we provide a bible with all the main points we talk about on the tours, but guides are expected to bring their own knowledge and enthusiasm to their tours. It’s what makes it fun and authentic for the guests – and guides.

Pay depends on the tour and how many guests there are, but ranges from $24-43 per hour. Guests are encouraged to tip and are generally good about it.

If you’re interested we’d love to talk to you, email Damien at


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