Boat Captain


Safely transports guests to and from Glacier Point while adhering to the timing of the tour (including before and after). Provides guests with accurate, quality information throughout the duration of the excursion. Assures the safety of the guests by conducting a pre-trip inspection daily, driving at a safe rate of speed at all times, assisting guests into and out of the boat, reviewing safety guidelines with the guests, and ensuring children stay with their parents at all times. Responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the boat and fueling as needed. Assists in preforming maintenance tasks on the boat by immediately fixing boat problems (if possible) and reporting any issues to Maintenance. Communicates accurate information to the appropriate staff when required and as needed (radioing in the guest count to Glacier Point, radioing to the office when appropriate, communicating with the dock, etc). Transports supplies to and from Glacier Point as needed


Alaska X


April 10th - September 25th

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