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From the Company:
“Icy Strait Point — Surrounded by towering rainforest and the abundant waters of Port Frederick and Icy Strait, Icy Strait Point is a destination that offers unparalleled access to adventure, wilderness, wildlife, and genuine Native Tlingit hospitality.
Located in Alaska’s largest Native Tlingit village of Hoonah (about 35 miles west of Juneau), Icy Strait Point features 20+ exciting tours, a restored 1912 Alaska salmon cannery and museum, nature trails, restaurants, 100% Alaskan-owned retail shops, and even a beach! Eagles soar overhead and whales are regularly seen from the shore. When you arrive at Icy Strait Point, you will immediately find yourself immersed in Alaska that you’ve always dreamed of.
In need of:
“-Tour Guides
-Kayak, Jeep, ATV, Tram, Bike/Hike
-Sales and Guest Reps
-CDL Drivers
-Theater performers
-Zipline operators”
If you love Alaska and want to explore it more, come work for us.”


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