GuideWeek 2021

Sponsorship Opportunities

Education Sessions - May 10, 11
Recruitment - May 14, 2021

GuideWeek is a virtual education & recruitment conference for local tour guides around the world.


Education Sessions

May 10-11, 2021

Two days of panels and speakers, to raise your guiding game to the next level.

Virtual Tour Showcase

May 10-11, 2021

Meet other guides, socialize, and connect with new friends.

Job Fair: Guide Recruitment

May 14

Meet operators, DMCs, OTAs, Marketplaces, and remind them you exist!

How does sponsorship work?

If you’d simply like to meet guides, there’s no cost. You can read about recruitment here. Sponsorship allows for a greater level of visibility and prominence in front 

How does Sponsorship work?

Simply choose a participation level below, fill out the informational form, and we will follow up with an invoice and information.

Why should I sponsor?

Guides have had a very difficult time over the past year. This event is meant to empower them. Beyond the opportunity to recruit, your company’s brand will be visible at an event designed to inspire.

Sponsorship doesn't end after the event.

Your sponsorship perks will continue to live on the Campfire site as guides return to watch event recordings, interact with each other, and update their profiles.

Participation Levels

Your sponsorship money supports the Guides Association of New York City’s efforts to continue to offer hiring and education events like GuideWeek.

Supporter - $300

Sponsor - $500

Premier - $1,000

Ready to sponsor?

Simply fill out this form and we will follow up.


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