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Hudson Valley, NY; New York City; New England
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“One of the great things about travel is you find out how many good, kind people there are.”


I am a tour director living in New York’s Hudson Valley. I found my way into tour directing in 2018 after leading garden tours for clients of my landscape design business and for the Garden Conservancy. Being on the road with groups brought me back to the pleasures of my first job after college leading biking and hiking trips for teens with American Youth Hostels and researching the destinations of these tours brought me back to my love of history. Ready for a change from running a small business, I ventured into the world of tour directing while continuing to work as a garden designer and consultant and have been leading student and adult tours ever since. My passion is for bringing to life the history, cultural achievements, and natural wonders of the destinations I visit with my guests, while trying to introduce them to as many gardens, parks, and green spaces as possible.

Tours Offered & Destination Knowledge

Adventure/Hiking ToursBus ToursCultural/Specialty ToursDriver GuideGeneral Walking ToursLarge Group ToursLocal GuideMulti-Day Tour Director/LeaderPerformance Group ToursPrivate ToursStudent Tour Director

I specialize in student and adult tours on the East Coast and Eastern Canada, including New York City, D.C., Boston, Philadelphia, the Hudson Valley, New England, Cape Cod and the Islands, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and Quebec. I have also led tours to the Southwest - Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico, and Music Cities tours to New Orleans, Muscle Shoals, Nashville, and Memphis. 

Fun Fact!
I am an excellent poker player.
Hobbies & Interests
Gardening, reading, hiking, biking, kayaking, visiting gardens and house museums, film, art, music, baking, inventing cocktails


"Sheila, thank you so much for a fantastic holiday and for all your knowledge and sense of humor. Was lovely to meet you. Big hugs from Steve and Karen" - New England and Eastern Canada adult fall foliage tour

"Sheila, thank you so much for everything you have done. We really appreciate the time and effort you have given to not only informing us but also keeping us entertained on the bus. You have played a very important part in ensuring that we have enjoyed our holiday" Janet and Graham - New England and Eastern Canada adult fall foliage tour

"Dear Sheila, Just a small token of my appreciation for all you have done for us. You have looked after us so well and I am in awe of your knowledge. I loved your humor and music choices. Thank you so much." Carole - New England and Eastern Canada adult fall foliage tour

“Sheila was a warm, personable group leader who made this program a great experience. She was well organized and kept our busy schedule moving along. She is very knowledgeable about all aspects of the Hudson Valley, was keen to share her knowledge, with a very pleasing manner of presenting the information. She was always available to the group to answer questions, present options for free time, and to help group members get together for free time opportunities.” Participant - Hudson Valley adult tour

“Sheila was an excellent leader. She was very knowledgeable and always available to answer any questions or concerns.” Participant - Hudson Valley adult tour

“One of the best leaders I've known. Particularly impressive knowledge of history.” Participant - Hudson Valley adult tour

“Sheila was GREAT! I loved her soothing voice. She gave clear directives; encouraged inclusiveness from the beginning; was willing to help the group in any way.” Participant - Hudson Valley adult tour

“Sheila was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. She led the group with ease.” Participant - Hudson Valley adult tour

“Sheila was very well organized and kept the program running smoothly. She is friendly and approachable, with a wry sense of humor.” Participant - Hudson Valley adult tour

“I thought Sheila did a great job of herding cats, taking care of individual needs and being very approachable.” Participant - Hudson Valley adult tour

“Sheila was superb, very well informed and likable.” Participant - Hudson Valley adult tour

"Sheila, Thanks for sharing the group photo; it brought back memories of an enjoyable trip to the Hudson River Valley.  You were an excellent group leader who made sure that everyone had a good time." Carl - Hudson Valley adult tour 

''Dear Sheila, Thank you so very much for a wonderful tour of New York City. We saw more of New York than we have seen on our other tours. I am so very impressed with your knowledge on all of the sites and your sense of organization. We all learned a great deal. I know it is difficult when you coordinate two schools on a tour and you did an excellent job. You were able to make our tour entertaining as well. Again, thank you for a wonderful adventure. I truly appreciate your support and admire your dedication. I hope we may work together on our 2021 trip." Linda - group leader, New York City student tour 

"Dear Sheila, Thank you so much for being such an excellent tour guide on our New York trip, I couldn't have asked for a bette one! I thought you were really interesting, and you were just awesome overall. I just want to thank you again for being such a great tour guide, and I hope you will continue to be so!" Griffin - eighth grader, New York City student tour 

"Dear Sheila, I would like to thank you so much for helping us with our tour around New York. Thank you for giving us a wonderful experience and we had a great time with you. Thank you again for everything you did and for helping us get around New York." Brayden - eighth grader, New York City student tour 

"Dear Sheila, I would like to thank you for such a wonderful tour of New York. I do not think I would have enjoyed my trip to New York without such a wonderful tour guide. (Unnamed Tour Operator) could not have given my class and I such a wonderful and knowledgeable tour guide. Once again I would like to thank you for one of the best tours I have ever been taken along for." Ethan - eighth grader, New York City student tour 

"Dear Sheila, I would like to greatly thank you for being the best and most entertaining tour guide that has ever guided me on a trip. You have made this trip so amazing with your positive energy. Thank you for making our New York trip one to remember. Without you, we might not have been able to enjoy our trip as much as we did. You taught us so much about the historic landmarks that we visited and that would not have been possible without you. Thank you." Norman - parent, New York City student tour 

"Dear Sheila, Thank you for being an amazing tour guide and for coordinating everything to provide an astounding trip. It has always been my dream to visit the Big Apple so thank you for making our trip be everything I dreamed and more. Thanks Sheila!" Julia - teacher, New York City student tour 

"Dear Sheila, I am so glad that you were our guide for the New York trip. I learned so many different things about New York and popular destinations in New York. You were full of fun facts about New York and the different places we went in New York. I can tell that you take pride in your city because you do your job so well. Thank you Sheila." Jackson - seventh grader, New York City student tour 

"Dear Sheila, I would like to thank you for being one of the most interesting guides I've ever had in my entire life. You told us a lot of information about each building or place we were going to." Abby - seventh grader, New York City student tour 

"Sheila is amazing! She built a good relationship with the kids and worked with three groups well." Group Leader - Washington DC student tour

"Sheila was awesome! The kids loved her and she communicated really well and made adjustments to meet our groups needs." Group Leader - Washington DC student tour






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Washington, D.C., New York City (NYC)




English, German

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BA in History, Bard College

MFA in Filmmaking, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

MA in Decorative Arts, Design History, and Material Culture from Bard Graduate Center

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