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A very Montreal greeting: Bonjour HI My signature send of is : See you soon À très bien tôt!


I am unique in many ways. I  have been and still am the only Professional Licensed Guided in the province of Quebec who is a multicultural, multi lingual  visual minority. Including the only accomplished woman of colour to be president of the WFTGA and my own association in Montreal as well as the positions below. 

I am an avid traveller since childhood. I have travelled, lived and worked in more then 155 countries for periods between 3 to 6 months at a time. Countries include India, Egypt, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain,  Cuba, many of the Arabic speaking countries. The work was travel directing for corporate clients or my own private culinary, cultural and dance trips, Others places including research for my cultural awareness course, photography, filming, culinary discovery , learning dance , researching language and hunting for old tribal jewellery or researching Art Deco.

Due to my back ground, language skills I have been privileged to be including in local cultures, ceremonies, family life that most would never get a chance to experience. It is this unique, local experience I strive to bring to my guests to make their travels memorable by touching their emotions, regardless of the length of the tour or experience.

My background in the tour and travel industry include : Media Relation Manger at Tourism Montreal. Working in Media Relations with various CVBs in Canada an abroad. I have been concierge at a hotel, worked for airport, motor coach companies, operations manager for DMCS, travel director  for corporate travel, tour manager for companies that include Globus, Cosmos, Gastaldi, TPT, Travelsphere.  The convention centres.  I recruit qualified staff and train them for my luxury and corporate  clients.  I train a small group of elite guides to take care of challenging high end clients for several clients.  I have worked in every part of the travel, tourism and evening planning industry except in restaurants.  

I have been involved in the guiding world, all of my career. Including organising international conventions, media relations, international relations executive board member and president of the World Federation of Tourist Guide Association from 1993 to 2019. This includes being involved with my own local association in Montreal. With conference planning, training, evaluator, media relations, international relations,  marketing, promotion, research executive board and president twice from 1992-2015.

I continue to this day to offer training in media relation, content creation , speaking on camera, cultural awareness, budgeting to the Federation of European Guides , associations in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world. 


Tours Offered & Destination Knowledge

Bus ToursCultural/Specialty ToursDriver GuideExperience HostFood & Drink ToursGeneral Walking ToursLarge Group ToursLocal GuideMulti-Day Tour Director/LeaderPerformance Group ToursPrivate ToursStudent Tour DirectorTour Business Owner/Operator

Tours offered in Montreal are

1.ALL private, customised  or unique luxury experiences( exclusive to companies and guests who book me for these particular experience which re unique and not advertised publicly due to the nature of the experiences. Similar  programmes are available to business, corporate clients including virtual.

2. Speciality tours:   Food I am the only guide in Montreal to offer half and full day Leonard Cohen tours that trace his life in his home city

Since 1992 I have been offering culinary and food tours that are customised and adapted to guests who want to experience

Montreal through the discovery of foods, neighbourhood and culture . Tours includes products not available to other

tour companies or guides for which I have exclusivity at several locations of local unique products made my Montreal

food specialists. I am Canada's first culinary food guide.    Customised neighbourhood . Multicultural Montreal

I am the only guide who offers tours on Black History Tours, , Italian, Greek, Desi  tours   . Art Lovers Tours

Tours of Montreal . Photography and Film crew tours of Montreal . Guests who are physically challenged and the visually impaired.

Most request for first time travellers:  Late afternoon, evening walking tours of Old Montreal . Full Day walking tour from the Mountain to the River

Customised Walking Tour of Old Montreal , Food Tours, Jewish Heritage, Black Heritage , Jazz Montreal, River Walking Tours

Type of Tours:  I offer walking tours, walking tours using public transportation, I drive and guide ( on the island of Montreal only) up to 6 guests),

driving tours with a driver( sedan, sprinter, mini coach, motor coach), helicopter with a pilot, biking tours

Tour Manager:  India, Egypt, the Middle East, Italy, the United Kingdom,  Ethiopia

Western Canada, Quebec and Ontario, Cuba , Central South America

From November to early May

I also organise my own private trips  during the winter months



Fun Fact!
I am known for bring music and dance everywhere I go in the world , including on my tours on randomly on the streets. Including Flashmobs
Hobbies & Interests
Avid life long traveller with 155 countries to my name , having lived in 25 places usually to learn to cook, photograph, language, dance and collect old jewellery. I am Dancer and teacher, I sing and perform. Stand up comedy Historical Fencer, Skating ( wheels and ice), play hockey, swimmer . Gardener. Love biographies and historical novels. Love champagne, prosecco, cava and sparkling water. Love to make people laugh and enjoy being involved in politics

Virtual Tour Experience

I have been giving on line training, talks and experiences since 2010 to private corporate clients. I give on line course on video content creation, how to use LinkedIn. Live virtual culinary experiences , Art Deco Talks, Cultural Awareness, Tribal Jewellery , Dance and Talks on languages. They are all private for luxury clients, or business clients.


These are some in English.  Others are on my clients pages and on portals that I belong to   in Recommendations




Gateway Airport(s)




Institute de Tourisme et Hoteliere du Québec, Montreal Professional Montreal Guide Diploma, City of Montreal


English, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, French, Hindi, Russian, Bengali, Other(s)

Additional Education

Licensed to Guide in Montreal (Muncipal by G-2) requiring Montreal guides to have graduated from ( ITHQ) , the only institute recognized to give course, diploma, certification. Followed  by application for city permit, renewed annually.

Bike Guide Certification by Vélo Quebec

Liability Insurance covered by APGT Montreal mandatory for members ( especially bike guide)

Virtual Guide Certification

First Aide and CPR updated

Trainer, evaluator

For other certifications, qualifications please contact me some include:

Certifications are specific to my niche guests, travellers and clients

( I am the only only guide with full Food Safety, Covid food safety, work safety( not required for guides) I train the subject to  culinary guides that work with luxury clients.   Protocol, Business , event planning and others  please contact me directly)

General Availability

Available during peak high season April to November, Christmas Holidays. Months of January to early April I am usually leading my own private luxury food or cultural experiences around the world.

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