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Connecting you to cultures of the world via the 5 senses.


My name is Dr. Anne Desrosiers and I am Chief Experience Officer of The Voluptuary Travel, a brand dedicated to teaching and connecting you to cultures of the world via the 5 senses. With travel to 58 countries, I curate travel for individuals, families, and organizations. I also consult those who want to integrate travel into their lives with my travel education workshops and forthcoming courses. With a PhD from Fordham University’s Graduate School of Education in Contemporary Learning & Interdisciplinary Learning , travel and education are two of my raison d’etres. 

As an entrepreneur, world traveler and agent of change, my role as Founder/Executive Director of The World is Your Oyster (TWIYO pronounced twee-yo) since 2013 and passion for world travel informed her research areas of experiential learning, positive youth development, and global competence. To that end, I’ve organized and coordinated traveled for over 100 youth to Martha’s Vineyard, Copenhagen, Denmark and Stockholm, Sweden in my work as scholar and philanthropist.

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Europe, Africa, United States

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I researched travel and its impacts on Black students for my dissertation after taking students to Stockholm for 5 days in 2018!
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Creating centerpieces, cooking, reading, writing, and spending time with my boys.


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