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    How to Get Hired as a Tour Director

    Are you a tour director or guide looking to get hired by a large tour operator? This course guides you through everything you need to succeed: resumes, cover letters, interview prep, video introductions, and more.  Our advice, coupled with recorded critiques from a variety of tour operators, will help you put your best foot forward and land your dream job.

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    How to Wow: Crafting Wow Moments on Tour

    Guests don’t remember everything about a tour. They remember the highs and the lows. In this workshop, we use this psychological fact to help you design tour experiences that are memorable, or “sticky” in all the right ways. Crafting a wow moment, using principles like surprise and delight, anticipation, emotional bonding, and involving the senses will make your tours come alive in a new, special way.
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    Introduction to Storytelling and Wow Moments

    Developing a compelling narrative--in other words, telling a good story--is at the center of everything we do as travel professionals. The tours you design, operate and lead tell a story of you, and your company. Beyond phenomenal stories, a tour guest remembers those magical moments on tour. In the second talk we'll look at the power of wow moments, those magical times that make a whole tour worth it. These two sessions were originally part of Tripschool's Boot Camp, part of the Arival 360 online virtual event in November, 2020.
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    On the Bus: Games, Activities and Ideas for Interaction

    As a guide or tour director, the motor coach can be daunting: you’re up there talking endlessly, trying to fill time, while also keep the tour moving logistically. In this online course, we’ll run you through a variety of ways to connect with your guests beyond just delivering commentary. We’ll share 20+ years worth of creative ideas to make your coach time shine, for both students and adult groups!
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    Stop Talking! Creative Group Engagement Strategies

    We spend so much of our time as guides living in our heads, thinking our main role is to deliver information. Yes, that’s important, but what you say isn’t often what guests remember most, it’s how you make them feel, and how connected they feel to the overall travel experience. Guests remember when you make a deeper connection with them, and now more than ever our travel experiences are memorable because they transform us. In this course, we concentrate on zooming out from information delivery, and looking at all the interactive ways you should be engaging with your guests to give them a deeper, well-rounded experience.
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    Storytelling I: Principles of Powerful Storytelling

    Gone are the days when tour directors and guides can slide by with disconnected dates, facts and tidbits. Tour guests today already know everything; what they want is to feel a connection to a place, through incredible narratives developed by the guide. This kind of engaged, emotion-based storytelling that connects you with your guests is at the heart of the kind of experiential, transformative travel that makes a tour stand out. We call it narrative travel. Developing great stories is more than learning your information, it’s a craft and a practice. So come join us for our next storytelling clinic! For the first time ever, Mitch is offering to the public the class he’s taught privately for years exclusively for tour operators.
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    Storytelling II: Transformative Storytelling

    This is the continuation of our Storytelling I course, which covers the foundational principles of what we believe makes a phenomenal storyteller on a travel experience. Cormac McCarthy wrote, “Things separate from their stories have no meaning.” At the core of what we do as guides and tour creators is telling the story of a place, which has the power to open the eyes and change the hearts and minds of travelers. It’s an awesome power. And it’s an awesome responsibility. Our Transformative Storytelling Course is focused on giving you the tools to examine your tour commentary, and then learn the skills to deliver something truly meaningful to your guests.
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    Student Travel Masterclass

    Is there anything more rewarding than leading student tours? Is there anything more exhausting? No, and no! This workshop is all about rising to the challenges and opportunities we have when working with student groups. This requires a lot of tricks and tools up your sleeve, and that’s what we’ll share in this workshop! Both Mitch Bach and Alan Armijo have led student groups for nearly 20 years, and have assembled techniques and strategies for delivering the most engaging, transformative tours possible.
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    The Power of the Tour Guide

    Being a guide (whether you're a city guide, tour director, docent, trekking guide or anything else) is incredibly important work. This course will outline how to take on the full responsibility of your power as a tour guide and offer real-tour insights from fellow guides.
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    Tour Director Certification

    Welcome to TripSchool’s Tour Director online training … your first step to becoming a tour director out in the world! Becoming a tour director is…
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    Tour Guide Certificate

    Tour guiding makes the world your office. A guide is the face of travel: you connect with travelers by revealing stories and experiences that leave a lasting mark. Our certification program walks you through all the aspects of this career.

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    Tour Guiding & the Creator Economy

    Guiding as a career is no longer only about getting hired by a company and leading tours. It’s about establishing yourself as a brand, marketing yourself online, and using online marketplaces and tools to drive clients to you, and establish why they should choose you and not someone else. Finally, guides today have the potential for creating digital passive income streams that complement what they love to do in-person. This course is designed to guide you through everything you should be thinking about as a Creator-Guide.