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    360° Customer Journey Masterclass: Reaching & Converting Future Travelers

    When a future traveler decides it’s time for a trip, their customer journey begins. And in an ideal world, at some point in that journey they discover your tours, and finally decide to book with you. In such a crowded marketplace, it’s more important than ever that a travel business understand the entire customer journey, from dreaming to booking to remembering their experience with you. How you interact with that customer along the journey is different at every stage, and if you don’t understand how to reach people at each point, you’re missing out on customers. Of course, once they’re finished experiencing what you offer, the journey continues. Our 360° Customer Journey masterclass is designed to help you understand this process holistically, helping you deliver creative, practical ways to make your brand visible along the way, and how to connect with customers in a memorable way, from lead generation, email marketing to social media strategy, tour experience design, and follow-up.
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    360° Virginia’s Historic Triangle

    6 360° destination training videos with audio commentary, immersing yourself in the world of the Historic Triangle. You'll get all the visuals, logistics and insider information you need to successfully lead tours here.
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    360° Washington, D.C.

    Everything you need to know Washington, D.C., in stunning 360° videos with audio commentary, plus resources and maps to get you ready to roll.
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    Amazing Tours, Inc. Onboarding

    Welcome to the Travel Curious family! This course will help you get up to speed quickly!

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    Better Blogging Masterclass: from Writing to SEO

    If you want to attract more direct customers to your website, then blogging is one of the best ways to accomplish this. But it’s also a lot of work, and you want it to pay off. Our Better Blogging Masterclass is your chance to get advice and step-by-step instructions for creating the kind of blog posts that power a tour business website. So much information on the internet is geared towards blogging in general; here, we’ll look at the tools and strategies that will drive more sales and establish your brand.
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    Boston Guide Certification

    Get TripSchool Certified in the city of Boston!  Take this exam, and with a passing grade, you can add this badge to your resume!

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    Copywriting That Turns Travelers Into Paying Customers

    Great photos can attract a traveler to your website, but the copy is often the one thing that convinces someone to buy. You don’t have to be a copywriter to write good copy for your tourism business either!

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    Craft Your Personal Video Introduction

    If you’re a tour director or guide looking to get hired, crafting a memorable introductory video is one of the best ways to get noticed and remembered. But it can also go horribly wrong. In this course, Alan guides you through the step-by-step process to write, record and edit a phenomenal video introduction that leaves tour operators remembering you…for the right reasons!
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    Crafting the Journey: Designing a Multi-Day Tour Experience

    A multi-day tour is an unforgettable group experience, when designed right. But there are so many moving parts. More than just adding restaurants and attractions together into a trip, designing a multi-day travel experience involves understanding principles drawn from areas as diverse as psychology and marketing: choreographing the day’s energy, adding “surprise and delight” moments, and truly understanding how to build a tour day so it has maximum positive impact on your tour guests.
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    Create a Business Plan

    Starting a tour company is exciting!  The best place to start putting ideas into action is by creating a business plan and setting goals.  Join Anne von Osterhausen as she takes you through the important steps to make your dream business into a sustainable reality.
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    Create a Tour Business Video

    Your tour company’s teaser video sets the stage for your whole business. Website visitors are more likely to stay on your page if there’s a video, and it’s the fastest way to establish who you are as a brand, and what you’re about. In this short course Alan guides you step-by-step through the guidelines for creating a quality business video, from story to filming to editing. We’ll dive into the world of B-roll, visual storytelling, and help you understand how powerful video can be to drive sales.
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    Culinary Connection: Designing a Memorable Food Tour

    Food connects travelers to everything about a place: culture, history, people, and leaves travelers with powerful emotions and memory. A food tour has the power to leave a traveler transformed, but they can be tricky to create. In this course, Mitch talks with a wide variety of food tour operators about what makes their business tick, from vendor contracting to how many meals to include. He adds his own experiences, talking through how to connect your guests meaningfully to food experiences through powerful storytelling.
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    Design a Tour Business Wordpress Website

    Your tour business website is one of the most important drivers of direct sales. It’s your front door to the digital world. In this comprehensive course we’ll walk you through step-by-step the decisions you need to make to craft a winning tour business website.
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    Designing the Perfect Day Tour

    TripSchool is passionate that a great tour business is powered by a great tour product. And whether you’re creating a 3-hour walking tour or a full-day tour adventure that includes a vehicle, there is a lot to consider when crafting the perfect day tour. In this course, we’ll walk you through the planning and design process to ensure your tour is successful. The temptation is to cram too much into a tour day. Or walk your guests too far, or not understand when and how to take waypoint breaks to check in and give your guests breathing room.
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    Email Marketing for Tour Operators

    Email marketing is extremely powerful, when done right. In this short course, Mitch explains the key benefits to understanding how to create sophisticated, targeted email automations that allow you to connect personally (and automatically) with your audience, throughout the customer journey. We’ll cover everything from email templates for pre- and post- customer communication, to how to engage your customers meaningfully during the off-season.